Here is a home page powered by plerd.

It’s for the love of Perl. Also, I need some sort of page since I’ve already got a domain. All I don’t have is something to write about, but never have I let that stop me before.

Also it does support webmention which I don’t know if I’ve got it working yet or not but it’s cool too.

I put the stuff I’ve written, not in Dropbox, since this page runs on a aarch64 box, and you have to fiddle around with exagear-desktop-rpi2.tar.gz or something like that to get the linux Dropbox software to run since they dont have no ARM binaries. Thus I put the stuff instead in OneDrive which also don’t have no ARM linux client, but I use it with rclone. but the mount hung and the sync operation didn’t have no bidirectional mode (yet) so I made a rsync job to merge the things before syncing so to speak. Anyway, time will tell if that’s a good approach or not.

It’s very cool actually. I was planning to extend plerd into something which can crop the images I upload and apply various filters and stuff like that before I publish them but we shall see about that.

For now I could use the OneDrive document editor as a bloggig platform and that’s pretty cool because I don’t know of any other person doing that, so it feels novel (but suboptimal because it’ll only let you create new plain text documents with the txt file extension and that won’t fly, so a clever approach then is uploading a template markdown document outside of the plerd sources root and then copying it into the dir once done and that’s all there is to it.

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