Here are some images I made with the InstaPlerd extension. They showcase some of the filters I made, but they do look slightly different on ImageMagick 6 compared to 7, and I don’t fully understand the blending and such things yet. But It’ll be great before it’s finished.

There are some powerful command line tools to do such things, bundled with the InstaPlerd project. These I did with:

$ script/ \
                  --filter Batman  \
                  --filter Nelville \ 
                  --filter Pi \
                  --output-format md \
                  --output-dir /tmp/demo\
         IMG_20181115_184251.jpg IMG_20181110_170451.jpg IMG_20190106_214653.jpg

There are some stuff to do before this is all done, though:

  • Set border thickness based on image size
  • Fix some of the blending in various filters
  • Add some more filters

To name a few.

The pictures

Batman Nelville Pi
img alt img alt img alt
img alt img alt img alt
img alt img alt img alt

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